Review of Bologna Tools

Before understanding the Bologna tools, it’s important you understand the process as a whole. The Bologna process is aimed at restructuring higher education in Europe by introducing bachelor, doctoral and master’s degrees.

The program was launched in 1999 and is run by the Education Ministers of countries who signed the Bologna declaration. These ministers meet every two years to discuss the objectives and progress.

Basically anyone who fails a degree has absolutely nothing to show for it, they may have studied for years only to fail the final exams. The aim of the Bologna movement is to better graduation rates at European universities.

There are over forty countries participating in this new process which works to achieve some main objectives. These objectives include:

Adopting a system with two cycles (undergraduate / graduate)
Establish a credit system
Adopt readable and comparable degrees
Overcome any legal recognition
Quality Assurance
Promote European higher education


ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer System and is the main Bologna tool which is used for promoting academics to and from Europe. The program handles the credit transfers for students who are spending time studying overseas.

The ECTS is based on full time courses and the workload is taken into consideration including laboratory time, exams and lectures, these are then put into credits which are only given once the course is complete.

The credits are broken down as follows:

60 credits is awarded for one full year of education
30 credits is awarded per semester
20 credits is awarded per trimester

This means that a completed bachelor degree can get around 180 to 240 credits, while a master’s degree can get around 300 credits.

The Advantages

The advantages of the Bologna tools is that all students who complete courses will be awarded credits, this offers its own range of benefits from employment to mobility.

The education of students will always be up to date and credits will be given on competencies enhancing the student’s opportunities. Further the bologna tools enable students to enjoy a flexible academic curriculum.

From the universities stand point the education is more student based, the teaching materials are tailored and they orientate the students towards employment. The programs are constantly being improved to ensure that the European higher education is on par with some other countries such as the USA.


When reading through the Bologna tools it’s easy to see how they are trying to ensure that their students’ academic history is accepted worldwide, enabling them to enjoy employment. At present there are a lot of employment opportunities being taken by foreign nationals who have ample degrees, where the European higher education degrees were not as widely accepted.

Further students who complete the full course without passing don’t have anything to show for it anymore, their credits will act in their favor, proving they completed the course and helping with employment opportunities once again.

There is a fair amount of debate on how long the Bologna tools can be used and whether it is a long term solution, but time will only tell.

An Overview on Europe’s Schooling System

The Europe schools are made into three categories; they are nursery, primary and secondary schools. Children start school from as young as five and work their way up until they are seventeen or eighteen, should they complete their schooling.

Of course like any other schools, children have an opportunity to drop out of school at any stage during their secondary school attendance. Parents who work and choose to apply for logbook loans online to pay for their children’s schooling are not going to allow them to drop out.

Students are required to complete eight compulsory subjects from year one to seven; these include a first language, which is their mother tongue. A foreign language, math, science or biology, history, geography, ethics / religion and physical education.

The reason for these compulsory subjects is that each child gets to experience them and can make a decision from there on their way forward into the world. For aacsb accredited online mba programs and when finding the best online mba programs, you will be required to have completed certain subject, so when in secondary school in Europe it’s important to choose your classes wisely.

Some students prefer to go on and obtain a criminal justice degree online while those that did science may go and work for companies where they can utilize their skills to manufacture anti-aging skin products.

It all starts in those first few years where the schooling system requires students to attend compulsory classes, if you love computers you may go on to work at dreamweaver templates, while those who enjoy business economics and physical education can progress and obtain masters in health administration later on.

Every student in the Europe’s schooling system is given the opportunity to choose their subjects after year seven. By this stage they should have an idea where they want to go in their lives whether it’s making dog collars or providing drug treatment. This way they are able to tailor their schooling curriculum according to their future needs and desires.

Through the compulsory classes, students can get a feel for each course. Once they have an idea of which direction they would like their lives to take, they can tailor their classes at a later stage. Knowing that you intend doing hip replacement recall will not require any mathematical skills, though you may need good first language and maybe some foreign languages, this is why later on schools concentrate on the demands of the students, reducing the amount of classes they have to take and enabling them to tailor them to their specific needs for the future.

Examinations are carried out on a regular basis along with a variety of tests throughout the school year, this helps the teachers evaluate how each student is managing their workload and chosen subjects. Some students find that when they choose their own subjects, it appears that they have taken on too much; obviously something like history requires a lot more study time and effort against physical education or ethics / religion.

Five Ways the European Schooling System is Different from the United States

In recent years, there have been plenty of comments about how the United States education system has come down to a level that has made it inferior to other education systems in the world. In particular, the United States is frequently compared to Europe which boasts some of the best education programs worldwide. In colloquial terms, the United States education system used to be the Sanuk sandals of footwear industry acting as the golden standard for countries looking to improve their own education curriculum. Today, even Masters Healthcare Administration graduates look to other countries as the primary provider of healthcare professionals for the US market.

In the spirit of this comparison, here is a non-academic and unofficial assessment of the five basic ways the European schooling system is different from the United States. Specifically, this short post seeks to establish that if the US education system was equivalent to San Diego floors, then Europe can well boast as an office space New York. That is to say that the US has some work to do in order to get back to its original stature as the best education system in the world.

1. Emphasis on Languages. The US significantly lags other school in the emphasis of language learning. Not many grade school students would understand the phrase como reconquistar a pessoa amadaa unless they come from a Mexican family. This low emphasis on language has essentially reduced the US to a basic schools system with little regard for anything else.

2. Emphasis on Math. Worldwide, the US lags in math performance for elementary students compared to what the education system in Europe is offering. Scores from assessment by global education institutions consistently rank European schools higher than US schools in terms of performance in math. Consequently, many American students hate math; they would rather head to the chin up bars than sit in a math class. This diminished emphasis on mathematics if not an ineffective system of teaching altogether is creating a ripple effect by dissuading students to develop interest in mathematics. It’s a vicious cycle which has been apparent in the US for many years now.

3. The teaching profession. In Finland, for example, teachers are required to have masters degrees particularly in college. If you want to put up a web design Leeds company by studying a computer science degree, you would need to go through the curriculum with the aid of a masters graduate with additional units in education. In the United States, there are college graduates who gravitate towards teaching and actually become tenured teachers without the benefit of a masters degree.

4. The US has a static education framework. It is common in Europe to find curriculums that give so much time to learning natural avenues for science and math such as carpentry, music, textiles, art, or cooking to name a few. These are not subjects that are taught in US schools so the framework for learning is confined to the actual subjects in school. This substitutes implicit learning with forced curriculums that can hamper a child’s growth.

5. Education budgets. The US is a very big country with a multi-dimensional demand for learning and one of the things that get lost in this scale is the money. Simply put, students get a smaller allocation because there are many to share the resources together. As a result, parents put money into a minibus hire because the government cannot provide for it. In the same way, teachers are paid lower than their European counterparts because there are more of them to share the budget with. To put into context, you are essentially trading your PPI reclaims regardless of what the PPI calculator is saying because there are more people making claims. The value of the level term life insurance, in this analogy, is diminished, and one is left to make do with what is available.

The good news is that the problems of the US are not beyond remedy. With enough tweaks, many things can be done to bring it to par with its European counterparts. As long as the government puts adequate focus on the education system and the fixes needed to improve it, there is no reason that the US cannot get back to its former status as an education superpower in as short a period as 10 to 15 years.

An Overview of European’s Educational System

European countries have an educational system that is not far from other systems used in other countries. They offer a diverse culture of students which develops both social management and academic aspects. But let’s face it, as electricity rates increase with the tuition fees universities collect, studying can be a financial burden. Finishing a degree is not just like finally deciding on doing the Atkins diet, it is composed of 5-6 years or hard work, discipline and learning. It is an experience that where you develop your character and personality.

The European’s educational system still promotes getting into the university and having an actual class in the classroom because it creates and environment for the student that is conducive for learning. But as people get busy in their everyday life and routine, some would prefer taking online courses that they could finish through the internet. There are many degrees that you can take online. Some examples would be an online library science degree or an rn to bsn online course. All you have to do is enroll in their online programs and then start learning while at home. Most people that get online degrees would be mothers or people that need to work in the day and only have time to study at home or at night. A mozilla firefox free download would be your tool opposed to the traditional pen and notebook you would use at school. You can even get a msw online if you want; the courses that online universities offer grow slowly every day. More online master degree programs are now being offered because universities have recognized the need for distance learning especially to professionals that would want to continue their studies but just can not leave work to attend a class at the school.

Having a degree is still the best way for you to have an edge over other people. If you are applying for an engineering job for example, you would definitely be chosen for the position if you go against a person that does not have a degree. It would be an even more advantage if you have graduated from one of the top engineering schoolsin the country. If you have a degree in finance on the other hand, bank and other business establishments would definitely be happy to take you in as part of their team. Education is still the best weapon that you can use in the fierce competition in the industry. Especially now that many countries are facing increased unemployment rates, having a degree might just save you from getting laid off from a job. True enough, education is a treasure that you can take with you where ever you go. It is a tool you can use to face every challenge that you can encounter along the way.

Is the European Schooling System Superior to the United States?

If you are interested in learning more about the international education systems that kids and teenagers all over the globe are enjoying right now, you have come to the right place. We are hopefully going to provide you with enough information so that you can personally form an objective opinion on the matter, with special emphasis on the American versus European educational system type of comparison. At the end of this article, you should hopefully get to at least form a clearer view on the degree of superiority or inferiority of the American schooling systems as compared to the European one. Choosing one system or the other is definitely no virtual walk through some auction sites and it does not resemble opting for some Soweto properties or some Nebraska properties either. It is an extremely detailed process that comes to shed the light on matters versus which masters in criminal justice or which masters in public administration are best, the American or the European ones. If you or a son or daughter of yours are seriously considering moving on a different continent (either the American or the European one) in order to continue your studies, here is what you need to know.

Despite of the worldwide cliché that comes to describe the “stupidity” or utter usefulness of the American schooling system, many argue that this is simply a cliché that should not be taken seriously. However, a lot of students that are coming from abroad and who are choosing to study at an American college or high school are clearly stating the fact that the American schooling system tends to be more relaxed and boarding school-like and that the topics that American colleges are throwing in their curriculum are normally being studied within the curriculum of European high schools, for instance. Hence, from this standing point, we could conclude that the European schooling or education systems tend to be a more advanced one as compared to the American one. Nevertheless, there are plenty of voices stating the fact that the Americans tend to have a more advanced experience when it comes to providing their kids with the basic knowledge and primary school education they need, hence creating a strong basis for their future. Choosing the best wrinkle cream is therefore much easier to be done as opposed to picking the American and the European schooling system. Choosing an executive MBA program in America versus one in Europe could mean putting in a lot of hard work and working for a medical aid kind of institution is definitely something that could be decided by the type of education one is going to be receiving. According to a study completed by the National Center for Educational Statistics and which focused on the literacy of American adults in the 21st century clearly stated that the U.S. has an educated population, but with a poorer attainment and with a high drop-out rate among all developed nations worldwide. So we could conclude the fact that the European schooling system is superior to the American one, and getting your hands on a the best drivers insurance could be therefore done more easily in Europe, if you come to think of a better trained working force there.

What Are the Best Universities in Europe?

Europe is home to some of the top universities in the world, a majority of these are located in the United Kingdom, followed by Switzerland and Germany and welcome international students from around the globe.

University of Oxford
Oxford University is located in the United Kingdom and is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. This university is ranked number four in the world and has had twenty six British Prime Ministers, thirty world leaders and twenty Archbishops of Canterbury study here over the years.

Oxford University was founded in the thirteenth century and is now home to twelve thousand undergraduates with thirty eight college choices. Before enrolling in this college you may want to do more research and get more info on how to go about joining this prestigious university.

University of Cambridge
The University of Cambridge is also located in the United Kingdom and is currently ranked number six in the world. This university was founded in 1209 by Oxford scholars and is how home to 18,300 students and 8,500 staff members.

The University of Cambridge has seen some famous people graduating here including Newton, Rutherford, Darwin and Watson. When you need further information on the university you can visit this website to find out more.

Imperial College London

Ranked number eight in the world today, the Imperial College in London has four faculties, medicine, business, engineering and natural sciences. Probably the university you will choose if you want to learn how to make compactors. This college was founded in 1907 and has thirteen thousand students.

ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

This Swiss university is ranked number fifteen in the world and started in 1855. This is one of the few universities that accept all Swiss citizens who have passed their Matura (matriculation), Einstein is one of the thousands of students who have attended this university and he walked away with his diploma in 1901.

Currently this university is home to 15,000 students and sixteen faculties. Before you choose a career at any top university, you will want to read some work advice articles so you can make a decision on what career path you wish to follow.

University College London

University College London is ranked number seventeen in the world and is the first Britain University to accept women on equal terms. Currently the university has 21,600 students and over 8,000 staff members. Some of the alumni from this prestigious University include Jonathan Ross and Robert Browning. You can find more information on this university if you do a simple online search, the same as you would for contractor leads.

Karolinska Institute

The Karolinska Institute is located in Sweden and is ranked number thirty two in the world; it is also one of the top global medical universities. This university comprises of two campuses, eight thousand under and post graduate students and two thousand three hundred staff members.

You may want to click here to find out more information, but if you intend a profession in the medical industry whether it’s research or pharmaceuticals, this is the university to apply to.

The Top Three Universities in Switzerland

The world that man is living today is very different from yesterday. Life is not that simple and everyone has to struggle hard in order to survive. The world is highly competitive and man has to keep up with it. He used his skills in order to do new things and seek for continuous improvement of his endeavors. He has acquired valuable learning in order to survive and improve his life. All of this has been made possible through education.

Speaking about education, the first thing that pops out in our head is school or university. Indeed, schools everywhere has become instrumental to man’s desire to acquire knowledge that will equipped him to whatever career he choose to pursue. In Switzerland, education has been given so much importance that good schools have been established. If you have been searching for universities where you could be honed to your maximum potential, you will learn more that the country has top schools which are acknowledged not just locally but internationally as well.
According to the Times Higher education World Ranking of Universities, the top three universities in Switzerland are Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, University of Lausanne, and University of Geneva. These three made it to the list because of the quality education and services they provide. They are like popular skin care products which are being patronized by many people.

The Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich is an educational and research institution of the Swiss confederation. They focus on Engineering, Natural Sciences, Agriculture, Sport and military Sciences. For students who are looking for technical knowledge and education, going here is best as the institution has strong emphasis on technical professions. Most of their students have technical apprenticeship with practical experience behind them.
The University of Lausanne is known for having a developed economic and law sciences as their focus. They offer a unique avenue to study forensic sciences and criminology with a new offering now on the post-certificate study in health economy and management. In addition, students here just like other schools are being taught to become well-versed with the cyber world so they become familiar even with Microsoft points which have been used by many internet-savvy nowadays.

The University of Geneva is among the largest university in the country that has been selected as one of the top business schools in the world. The university also offers courses on architecture, language and interpretation. In addition, the institution has strong collaboration with international organization and always put forward their important research fields. Medicine is among those research fields they work on. No wonder their students are knowledgeable about gynexin and other related products.

So, for people who have been tracking best schools through spending time with hindi sms, check out the top three universities in Switzerland. They might be the school you have been looking for that will prepare you for your future career.

Social Democracy and the Future – European Universities Outlook

Top Rated Educational Institutions In The World

Future students looking to learn which are the best colleges in the world are either up for doing some travelling, if they need to, or they want to know where does competition come from. You can learn more if you choose to visit site pages of the U.S. News and check out their Best Universities’ rankings, or you can read the next few lines and gather all the details you need.

Just like an Italian dog that has recently lost a dog harness might start to cerca casa the moment he realizes he is lost, a soon-to-be student could be searching for a college to attend. And with so numerous top choices at hand, one could be having a rather difficult time making a final call. The United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, China, all of these represent some of the destinations that are currently hosting the best schools in the world.

Cambridge University, U.K. British high school students can consider themselves the luckiest on the planet, as they have the chance to choose Cambridge University as their top choice. The university has got a 100.0 overall score; its academic reputation score is also flawless, and the same goes for its employer reputation score. This means that the professors here are highly valued at an international scale, and potential employers of the graduates here will most likely pick Cambridge graduates in the detriment of other students. The student-faculty ratio here is of 98.9, and it comes to show that the number of students who study here is almost an ideal one, comparing it with the size of the university. This indicator of class size and corresponding number of professors/student come to show the amazing interest that Cambridge is investing in its attendees.

Harvard University, U.S. If one needs to study about the trust deed mechanism or mortgage mis selling claims, Harvard University can be just the place to do so. The university has a 99.3 overall score and 100 points in terms of academic reputation and employer reputation scores. Moreover, Harvard scores flawlessly when it comes to citations per faculty, which accounts for 20 percent of the overall ranking and which expresses the number of research papers that have been completed here. Nevertheless, Harvard scores lower at its international faculty score – only 76.9, which means international students will be having a harder time getting in.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S. MIT has a 99.2 overall score and a 100% academic reputation and employer reputation. The faculty-student ration here is of 99.9, which is remarkable, but the international faculty score is only of 50 points. Nevertheless, MIT scores high at its international students score (97.9) and also at its citations per faculty score is also remarkable (99.6).

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging has rapidly turned into one of the guilty pleasures of millions of people all around the world. Blogging is actually quite addictive and, once you start doing it, it is quite hard to let it go. There are plenty of benefits that could be drawn out of blogging, and businesses who need to develop their online branches or attract more prospects are usually the main beneficiaries of these blogs. Whether they are trying to sell some brand new coconut oil for face, some Ibiza

Trips or some lower back pain pills, blogs know their way around things and they usually manage to get the job done. Below you shall find some extra benefits of blogging – remember the list is not an exhaustive one, as the role of blogging and bloggers altogether seems to be constantly reshaping and becoming more and more important.

First of all, bloggers get to set trends – whether we are talking about culinary, fashion, movie reviews, or media trends, blogs play a huge trendsetters’ role. Also, bloggers get to enjoy the benefits of connecting with other bloggers who also share one’s passion for a certain domain or activity, person or event.

A car accident attorney could very well create his or her own blog focusing on their own line of work, hence successfully pursuing their passion and maybe even managing to positively influence reckless car drivers or at least throw a hand to car accident victims.

The ability to create your very own platform no matter if you work in a professional institute of some kind or you are a stay-at-home mom is also highly important when it comes to blogging. Building a small business from scratch also usually requires the existence of a blog – and the great news is blogging does not involve a lot of costs (think in terms of domain names and monthly hosting packages). Engaging blogging is also responsible for easily attracting other people into interesting conversations, and comments are some of the best triggers of sharper thinking. Also, writers who feel the need to change their style can go ahead and start up a blog and use it daily – they are prone to reinvent themselves and their writing tone, improve their skills and become better at writing over time.

Blogging is also a genuine problem-solver for a lot of people looking for solutions to their problems. Do it yourself kind of blogs or pure informational blogs are extremely helpful and valuable for a great deal of people. Testing brand new ideas is also something that can be successfully and easily achieved with the help of a blog. Folks get to comment on the respective ideas and brainstorming is oftentimes given birth to.

Comparison of European and American Schooling

Europe and America have always been different when it comes to a number of different things. From the accents to the spelling to the cuisines of these two regions, almost everything has been very different. Even laws, regulations and policies have been very different; it is, at times, hard to believe that America was actually discovered and developed by the Europeans! A very important sector that has been treated very differently in the two regions is that of education. The policies, procedures and standards that have been used in both regions have differed greatly when it comes to the education sector. Schooling, regardless of what level of education it may be, is significantly different in these two regions. Let’s take a look at these differences and how they impact preference of education by foreigners in these two regions.

When one think of schools in Europe, one thinks of discipline, uniforms and order. At the same time, American schools are associated with noise, loud children and graffiti that posts links to buy soundcloud plays displayed on the walls! While European schools are often related to learning in a well organized manner, American schools are related and associated to practical learning. These are the primary differences that are present within high schools and junior schools in these two regions.

The number of years that European students spend in school are often a year more than what the American students spend in school.  This is due to the difference in the nature of the exams that these students have to take in order to get into a university. European students have to take their ordinary level exams after which they take their advanced level exams. All through this time, American students only have to take their SATs at roughly the same time that the European students take their advanced subsidiary level exams that take place after the ordinary level exams and before the advanced level exams.  However, literacy rates tend to be high in both regions. Almost everyone you meet from florists Victoria bc to people listed in Dentist Directory in New York have taken some of these tests.

University education in both these regions can be expensive if the individuals do not have money invested in a college plan for their children. Some people in the United States even have to get US Fast Cash loans in order to be able to fund their children’s university education.

It is also seen that American universities are ahead of European Universities in terms of research and publication. For instance, while European marketing students may be learning to compel people to buy premium kratom here, American students might be involved in extensive research behind the consumers’ responses to kratom capsule’s advertising! This is a hypothetical example though and no generalized opinions should be formed based on this! Despite all the differences, these two regions are the most sought after, particularly when it comes to university education. Their differences compel them to make their systems even better thus providing not only themselves but the whole world with better opportunities in terms of education.

Top 10 best Universities in the World

Do you thirst for knowledge and seek enlightenment from the four corners of a university classroom?  The choices are abundant as there are many universities from around the world that can offer you the best education there is.  There are many organizations that rank universities based on some established criteria.  Here we take a look at the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013-2014.

Published by the British magazine Times Higher Education (THE), the world university rankings are done annually using data supplied by Thomson Reuters, a multinational media and information firm.  Regarded as one of the most influential and widely observed international university rankings, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings are the results of methodically evaluating universities based on their core missions and 13 carefully calibrated performance indicators.

The current Times Higher Education World University Rankings include 400 universities ranked from 1 to 400 with 1 as the highest rank.  Instead of presenting the top 10 universities from the list, let us consider here the top 10 countries and see which university has the highest rank for each country.

  1. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • Rank:  1st
  • Location:  1200 East California Boulevard, Pasadena, California 91125 United States
  • Region:  North America
  • Official Website:
  1. University of Oxford
  • Rank:  2nd
    • Location:  Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD United Kingdom
    • Region:  Europe
    • Official Website:
  1. ETH Zürich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich
  • Rank:  14th
    • Location:  Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zürich, Switzerland
    • Region:  Europe
    • Official Website:
  1. University of Toronto
  • Rank:  20th
    • Location:  563 Spadina Crescent, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2J7 Canada
    • Region:  North America
    • Official Website:
  1. The University of Tokyo
  • Rank:  23rd
    • Location:  Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan
    • Region:  Asia
    • Official Website:
  1. National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Rank:  26th
    • Location:  21 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119077
    • Region:  Asia
    • Official Website:
  1. University of Melbourne – Australia
  • Rank:  34th
  • Location:  Grattan St, Parkville VIC 3010, Australia
    • Region:  Oceania
    • Official Website:
  1. Karolinska Institute
  • Rank:  36th
    • Location:  Solnavägen 1, 171 77 Solna, Sweden
    • Region:  Europe
    • Official Website:
  1. The University of Hong Kong
  • Rank:  43rd
    • Location:  Pokfulam, Hong Kong
    • Region:  Asia
    • Official Website: 
  1.  Seoul National University
  • Rank:  44th
    • Location:  Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742
    • Region:  Asia
    • Official Website:

Study hard but don’t forget to buy yourself some necessary tools, such as a laptop, to help you in your studies.  Check out nomorerack for some cool gadgets, devices, and other stuffs.

No matter where you are in the world, feel secured that you have access to world-class education, be it for finishing your undergraduate degree or aspiring for further post-graduate studies.  The good thing about these top universities is that they prepare the student to be a responsible and educated citizen of the world.