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Comparison of European and American Schooling

Europe and America have always been different when it comes to a number of different things. From the accents to the spelling to the cuisines of these two regions, almost everything has been very different. Even laws, regulations and policies have been very different; it is, at times, hard to believe that America was actually discovered and developed by the Europeans! A very important sector that has been treated very differently in the two regions is that of education. The policies, procedures and standards that have been used in both regions have differed greatly when it comes to the education sector. Schooling, regardless of what level of education it may be, is significantly different in these two regions. Let’s take a look at these differences and how they impact preference of education by foreigners in these two regions.

When one think of schools in Europe, one thinks of discipline, uniforms and order. At the same time, American schools are associated with noise, loud children and graffiti that posts links to buy soundcloud plays displayed on the walls! While European schools are often related to learning in a well organized manner, American schools are related and associated to practical learning. These are the primary differences that are present within high schools and junior schools in these two regions.

The number of years that European students spend in school are often a year more than what the American students spend in school.  This is due to the difference in the nature of the exams that these students have to take in order to get into a university. European students have to take their ordinary level exams after which they take their advanced level exams. All through this time, American students only have to take their SATs at roughly the same time that the European students take their advanced subsidiary level exams that take place after the ordinary level exams and before the advanced level exams.  However, literacy rates tend to be high in both regions. Almost everyone you meet from florists in Victoria bc to people listed in Dentist Directories in New York have taken some of these tests.

University education in both these regions can be expensive if the individuals do not have money invested in a college plan for their children. Some people in the United States even have to get US Fast Cash loans in order to be able to fund their children’s university education.

It is also seen that American universities are ahead of European Universities in terms of research and publication. For instance, while European marketing students may be learning to compel people to buy premium kratom here, American students might be involved in extensive research behind the consumers’ responses to kratom capsule’s advertising! This is a hypothetical example though and no generalized opinions should be formed based on this! Despite all the differences, these two regions are the most sought after, particularly when it comes to university education. Their differences compel them to make their systems even better thus providing not only themselves but the whole world with better opportunities in terms of education.

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